Brazilian Intuitive Healer
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Salutations to All with All My Heart!

Welcome! I hope you will experience radiant and joyful Supreme Bliss in all aspects of your life.  And from
my services to you, may the nectar of God’s love become manifest within all of you.

With love and gratitude,
Fourth Generation Brazilian
Intuitive Healer
Brazilian Intuitive Healing is a healing process that channels the life force energy to transform an
individual’s life. It is especially worthwhile when one is experiencing a physical, emotional or spiritual
imbalance. Symptoms of this imbalance include illness, pain, sorrow, anger, and anxiety. The main
purpose of healing therapy is to rejuvenate your health and to create a sense of wellbeing by initiating
the natural flow of your subtle energy. The Healing promotes health restoration and is an invaluable
aid in the prevention of disease.

Clients report cessation of pain, renewed energy, sense of well-being, healing of chronic
illnesses, cessation of emotional pain, elimination of stress and fatigue, connection with
their own inner power, and more. (Click on 'Testimonials' for details)

A recent testimonial:
Truly, a session with Waldete is very gentle, and tenderly nourishes the sacred within.  
I was able to relax peacefully in her warm, beautiful treatment room and respond with ease to her safe, sensitive
and caring nature.   Surprisingly, her soft, light approach carried me to a profound experience of release and
nourishing rejuvenation.   Waldete has a sublime gift for facilitating deep, powerful transformation, healing and
well-being.  I feel blessed to have met her.

Suzanne H., Albuquerque, NM (Dec 2013 in Englewood, FL)